Sani Case Study Image - Family of 3 sat on beach

Sani Resort

The Things We Long For


From a sprawling concept to a precise, thoughtful experience.



The Challenge

Spanning five hotels and three natural worlds, Sani has carved out a sanctuary along the Aegean coast where possibilities are endless. 

They’re an escape located across forests, seas and wetlands, each hotel offering a singular experience but strung together by Sani’s spirit, setting and service. It’s a distinctive proposition that needed to be matched in branding, positioning and design, to not only alleviate confusion around their concept but bring together the right guest with the right resort for them. 

Our work needed to highlight the prominence of Sani’s offering — its nuances and breadth in an oversaturated market — across digital, content and the end-to-end guest experience.

Three Worlds, Five Locations, One Story

Much of travel’s appeal lies in the anticipation. So from a guest’s very first interaction with Sani, the designed experience teases their sense of wonder — urging them to wish for and covet certain moments — all whilst offering reassuring insights into life at Sani. 

Because five hotels in one peninsula has the potential to be overwhelming for prospective guests, extensive ethnographic work matched specific audiences to each of Sani’s locations. Because ‘perfection’ is not one thing to every person.

We asked questions like ‘How might guests find their place at Sani? Where are points of healthy friction in the experience? At what points do we make it smoother, more seamless? At what points do we make CX stickier and more grounding? How can we connect worlds, people and moments across the Sani marina, all the while maintaining consistent differentiation for each hotel and every individual?

The answers, like so much of our creative work, came with narrative. Weaving together exceptional experience and creative vision with a deep understanding of Sani’s story. The sentiment that Sani is a place dedicated to time well spent, together or apart, making every moment matter. 

Designing Every Moment

Mapping every point of interaction for guests, we laced together optimised wayfinding on location, simplifying navigation for guests between hotels, with a crisp digital experience. 

A tailored app clarifies the whole scope of Sani’s offerings before guests reach the runway, covering every need and desire during their stay from check-ins and self-service bookings, to concierges, guided tours and transportation. An optimised data dashboard makes moments easier for the Sani team too.

Confident in the beauty of the location, the quality of the experience and the skill of our production team to bring them to life visually, we designed an interface to act as a frame for user desires. More than a prop, every page a portal to the things we long for.

A Place Without Compromise

Rooted in those initial questions, our content strategy asked how we capture the essence of Sani in a matter of minutes, a number of shots and finite words. All without losing the things that make Sani special.

Content needed to feel captivating but simple; human whilst still speaking to the promise of perfect moments. We needed to show the breadth of experience through stories, not just stunning shot montages. We showed the intricacies of Sani’s farm-to-table gastronomy, the memories made on Sani’s courts and pitches, the simultaneous tranquillity and fervour of three natural worlds, of which Sani is the centre.

Our content captures Sani’s spirit, and in doing so, offers pictures of ‘perfect’ to every person the brand wants to appeal to.